Emily Kimball lives and works between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Santa Barbara, California. An autodidact, her sculptural and painting practice explores desire and individualism through a feminist lense. Kimball’s sculptural work frequently depicts near-identical sets of doll-like figures in cast resin, poised to dive or in a state of floating through air. Amidst this tension of anticipation and realization, certain individuals - made unique by changes to their colour or pose - stand out, an ode to the individual within her community.

Emily has exhibited throughout North America, including solo exhibitions at Box Gallery (Santa Fe) and Niman Fine Art (Santa Fe), and group exhibitions at Judy Chicago’s Through the Flower Project (Belen), Yares Art Projects (Santa Fe), and Gerald Peters Gallery (Santa Fe). Her work has also been exhibited widely at art fairs, including Aspen Art Fair, Art Hamptons, and Miami Art Basel.